About Us

Our Mission

Creating social and economic wealth

Through our dynamism and our expertise, our mission is to create wealth to benefit society and contribute to a better world. Together with our clients, employees and partners, we are key players in ensuring that economic and human well-being go hand in hand.


At the heart of everything we do

Our values are at the center of our success and evolution. They are a continuous source of inspiration and guide our every action.


We enjoy resolving complex situations

To resolve complex issues, you need an entire team! By combining experience, passion and caring, our experts create a world where individuals and organizations achieve their targets, and even their dreams. Our entire organization draws its energy from a team of leaders who have a proven track record in their respective fields of expertise.



Europe & Asia

Board of Directors

  • Yves Leclerc, President
  • Denis Lefebvre
  • Antoine Drapeau-Perreault
  • Jean-Philippe Raiche
  • Jean-Philippe Coiteux
  • Julie Lacasse


Celebrating the arts and powering culture

Proaction International has encouraged visual art since its beginnings; our collection includes more than 400 paintings by local and international artists such as Corno, Louis Seize, Nerbonne, Niko, Zilon, Benoualid, Lavoie, Gaudette, Saint-Laurent, Claes and Bocaert.

Of these paintings, 29 are by Dominic Besner. His colorful and emotional paintings are inspired by his architectural studies, by the great masters of painting whom he holds as models, and by his encounters in the back streets of Montréal. They express an insistent and playful perspective of the world around us. Deeply affected by the ravages of the body, and by the aspects of the body that most draw a gaze and lead to reflection, Besner creates characters who retain traces of the past, who sometimes appear to be mere shadows of themselves and who confront their destiny to the very end.