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At Proaction International, we firmly believe that people will always be the driving force behind the performance and competitiveness of organizations, and the right technology is essential to achieve these goals.

Our unique approach, implemented on three continents, concentrates on developing management maturity across organizations and achieving gains at human, operational and financial levels.

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You will appreciate what makes us unique

The driver behind the personalization of our services, it allows us to follow the progress of teams in a tangible way

Since 2004, our approach has shown a clear correlation between management behaviors and KPI’s improvements

UTrakk DMeS is the only technology to bring together all the tools needed by managers to both perform AND grow

Providing an overview of the current situation allows for a customized approach and setting shared objectives

Subsidies and government assistance are available in some regions, so you don’t have to shoulder the cost alone

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We make the difference

« We firmly believe in the potential of organizations and the people who are part of them, and our results show that our mission, which we put to the test every day, succeeds in achieving its targets. »

Denis Lefebvre, President and CEO


Bringing out the best of yourself!

Our teams are comprised of passionate experts from a variety of backgrounds. They join Proaction International to excel, and above all to help our clients do the same, because they know that working on people really makes all the difference.

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We work every day to make your daily life easier, and it’s with this in mind that every month our experts develop content, ideas and tools to take you even further.
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