We hire Talents, not resources.

“People first means carefully reviewing every application I receive so that I can meet with inspiring people and learn about their career paths and goals.”

Christine Giroux, Director, Organizational Development

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Bringing out the best of yourself!

A team of passionate men and women who seek experiences allowing them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, in both their personal and professional lives, surrounded by colleagues driven by the same energy.

Some of the passions that drive our colleagues:

Travelling to the four corners of the world to discover new cultures

Playing and winning at team related sports

Helping others by supporting causes close to my heart

Skiing in the fresh air and off the beaten track to energize myself

Running, to fuel my thoughts and stay fit

Learning languages, to better understand and connect with people

Capturing magical moments through the lens of my camera

Spending time with family as they represent my entire world

So, ready to join the team?

Work and learn with professionals from all walks of life. You too can be part of the Proaction International team!


A company whose people set it apart

Would you rather hear it from our employees?


Your development is our top priority!

Our “raison d’être” is supporting our clients in their path to an optimal performance, which is why we do the same with our teams, so that you can surpass yourself every day. We offer an environment conducive to your professional and personal growth that will maximize your performance.

We invest in your development

  • First class integration with an optimal blend of office and on the job learning
  • Renowned experts to accompany you using a variety of workshops, e-learning capsules and innovative training tools
  • Individualized coaching according to your needs and professional aspirations
  • Various focus groups to assimilate best practices
  • Personalized progression plan

What all this means for you

  • Support in reaching your full potential
  • Ongoing opportunities in consulting services and technology with promotion possibilities adapted to your performance
  • State-of-the-art leadership competencies

With us, we win and we learn as a team.
AntoinePartner | CEO North America
When I coach a manager and see that they have a better understanding of their role, and see them mobilizing and empowering their employees, I have a great sense of achievement.
StéphanieProject Manager
The first thing I was asked is: how soon do you want a promotion?
VincentProject Manager


Processes do not improve people, it is people who improve processes.

This is why Proaction International’s approach focuses on management. By combining 3 fundamental axes of performance management: Leadership Development, Operational Excellence and Management Digitalization, we enable organizations to maximize their potential.

Nothing about our work is routine. Through coaching on management behaviors, training facilitation, improving work processes, measuring our Key Behavioral Indicators (KBI), technological implementation of our UTrakk DMeS application (+link) and managing our own team, we are involved with all levels of an organization so that they share a common vision and objectives.

The strength of our approach is that it applies to and has been tested in every sector of the economy, from manufacturing to the service industry. Variety is therefore the order of the day, and each day brings new challenges! Are you up to the task? After going through our rigorous recruitment process, we are betting, Yes!

Working with us offers you the opportunity to travel to our clients all around the world. We operate in the Americas, Asia and Europe with a stronger presence in Quebec, Canada, the United States and in France. This reality will take you into a world of autonomy and discovery.


Activities that enhance team spirit

Summer 2019

Summer 2018


Like you, we prefer human contact. Feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]. In the meantime, here are a few questions and answers which you might find helpful.

Many positions require frequent travel, mainly in the province of Quebec, the rest of Canada, France and the United States. Please refer to the job description you are interested in to learn more about the specific travel requirements.

For our consulting positions, you will be assigned directly at our client’s site. You could therefore end up working at a site close to your home or in another time zone. As our assignments last for approximately 6 months, you may be spending every night at home, returning home on weekends only or on longer assignments.

The work is definitely not routine! You will support managers in their daily lives to help them develop better management skills and behaviors. You will attend their supervisory floor tours and identify their strengths and development needs. You will prepare a coaching strategy catered to each individual in order to achieve concrete and measurable results. You will support them in enhancing their leadership in regards to their team and their work processes.

As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for the coaching and development of our clients and your project team. You will also be accountable for the success of each project:by using various measurement tools, you will analyze the results and prepare a strategy to achieve the results targeted.

We would like to be able to contact all our candidates, but unfortunately this is not possible. If your profile matches our current requirements, we will contact you to schedule a phone conversation. If we do not contact you, we will keep your information for future opportunities. Given our steady growth, our needs can evolve quickly!

  • First, clarify your areas of interest and what it is that you *really* want.
  • Refer to the job description for a clear understanding of the role and requirements.
  • Prepare to answer common interview questions.
  • And don’t forget to prepare your questions for us.

In addition to the criteria defined in our job descriptions, we are looking for people with a proven track record in our core competencies:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Above and beyond performance
  • Ability to learn and adapt
  • Leadership and team management
  • Operational agility